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Gaming Configs



1) The topics must be structured in this way:

  • Title: Site link | OpenBullet Mod Version (ex. Rapidgator.net | Anomaly)
  • Body
    Site: Site Link (ex. rapidgator.net)
    Bots: Bots count (ex: 10)
    Combo type: Combo type (ex. Username:Password or  Email:Password)
    Captures: Captures list (ex. Expiration, Balance, Security Lock)
    Screen: Insert a screen of the configs that certifies the functioning
    [hide]Config uploaded as attachment[/hide]

2) Paylinks are not accepted!

3) Amazon, PayPal, Credit Cards, Pedophilia and similar configs are prohibited.

4) Not following the rules will cost you a warning which, depending on the case, can be transformed into a BAN!

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