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OpenBullet 2 Native Client - Release

kurosaki ichigo

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looks good, thanks. I'm a config maker so call me if you needed anything

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Thanks a lot for the great job!

I use mostly OB1 not only because of the configs, but because the wordlists get me crazy on OB2 it always says wrong type no matter what :) I guess it should be because of the separator - instead of : will keep on trying


*After testing it for a few hours there are simply to many small problems, will keep using Ob1 for some time, mainly the problems seem to be conflicts when the database is already being used it will not allow concurrent uses, and then small details like being easyer to load combos on ob1 we can just start a new runner and upload from the HDD, also never got any problems with wordlist type on Ob1 and it's very frustrating on ob2 to get it to work properly the same list needs to be uploaded as credentials, email an default :)

And if Iam not mistaken it also misses remove duplicate proxy button, and the delete not working almost never works.



this is not to get anyone down it's just an honest review, it's a major work, lots of hours making it and mostly for free, it as many aspects better than Ob1 just needs a bit more polish





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Adding a review after testing
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